iOS Users

Steps to signing up for Gateway Stream Music for iOS App Listeners and Artists

For all iOS users, please note that you cannot sign up for Gateway Stream Music in the App but on the website. You will also not be able to buy or subscribe to a premium user via the app but only on the website. Please follow the steps below to create your account and then you can login to the IOS app and enjoy the music you love or manage your music content as an artist.

Signing Up for Artists & Listeners

Follow the following steps to sign up on the website to get access to iOS app

On iPhone, Mac, PC and iPad

Go to the sign up link

Select your profile to sign up as listener

Or sign up as an artist  

Fill in your details and you will be redirected to your dashboard as an artist or music home screen as a listener for free access

You can now use the newly created login credentials to access music on the iOS app or website

Premium Subscription or Buying Music

As an IOS user you can buy or subscribe for music via the website

Login to your profile on the website

Click on your account and select

Select Premium Plan and click subscribe now

It will take you to the payment options and select the currency to use either ZWL or USD

Complete the payment and you will be redirected back to the home screen showing you current plan as premium where you can enjoy music without ads