About Us

About the Gateway Stream Music Application

The Gateway Stream Music is your digital music streaming platform built for both artists and listeners to connect, interact and enjoy plays. We provide a one-stop-shop for artists to build their profiles, list, and control and earn from their music and at the same time socially connect with their fans and followers.


Gateway Stream Music empowers you as an artist to take care of your music business as follows:

·        Gives you access and control to upload your music, set pricing, manage inventory and earn revenue for all purchases through a revolutionary wallet function.

·        Live-stream a show, a new song or album from the platform

·        Interact and share content with your fans and followers on the platform through a socialisation feature that works just like your social media pages

·        Participate in Gateway Stream Music outreaches meant to educate, inform, inspire and empower you as an artist

·        Gain access to a wider market, grow your fan base and earn revenue

·        Minimise the risk of losing earnings through piracy by signing up to a secure digital platform   


As a music fan or follower, you can look forward to enjoying your favourite Zimbabwean and African music through the following:

·        Buying music from the platform

·        Live-streaming music shows, new songs or album launches

·        Streaming music for free with ads in between plays or through a subscription which allows you to download and save your music playlists for offline playing

·        Connect and interact with your favourite artists on the Gateway Stream Music App through the artists’ socialisation page


Sign up now to Gateway Stream Music and enjoy empowering and entertaining experiences!